About The Academy

Judo has been a part Parkland since 1989 when the Parkland Judo Club was founded by Mickey Fitzgerald.  The Parkland Judo Academy began its first year in September of 2012 and is the only program of its kind in Western Canada.  We are very proud to offer Judo as one of the unique opportunities available at Parkland Secondary.

Practicing Judo is frequently described as a life-changing experience.  Not only do participants build physical strength, endurance and flexibility but the inherent discipline, focus and mental fortitude positively benefit Judoka in all aspects of life.  The close proximity, supportive and cooperative method of learning Judo often forms bonds and relationships that extend far beyond the Judo mats.  Judo is also a fantastic means to experience vigorous competition.  Few experiences are as thrilling as entering a tournament, stepping out onto the mats and waiting for the referee to signal the start of the match – Hajime!

Students registered with the Parkland Judo Academy will receive four credits for Judo as well as an additional four PE credits each year they participate.  Judo will be taught in the last block of the day (no need to go back to other classes sweaty!) and will run on a linear schedule as a year long course.  In addition to at least three days on the mats, students will have the opportunity to study the history of Judo, its origins and how it has spread to become one of the most widely practiced sports worldwide.  Students will also be expected to pursue a personal training program designed to not only succeed on the mats but to also build strong physical health and mental well-being for life.  Ultimately, our goal at the academy is to promote a healthy lifestyle, during the students’ school years and beyond, through the incredible sport that is JUDO!